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Shoe Park

Everlane created a pop-up store in downtown NYC for 10 days. The interactive, climable playground featured shoes that guests were encouraged to try on after leaving their own shoes at the door. Extending the theme, Laila created a menu designed like a maze, where guests traveled along the food path in search of the finish line. Each installation required a motion in order to complete the maze.

  • Bonne Bouche ash cheese, radish and large wheels of miche bread
  • Salad zone / pickled green almonds / micrograms / watercress with sauerkraut vinaigrette
  • Whole steamed artichokes / fermented garlic aioli
  • Lamb / burnt ramp chimichurri
  • Fruit wonder land / watermelon / pineapple / canteloupe + orange blossom perfume

Set Design: Robert Storey