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Vital is a flexible eating and living environment created for MINI at Salone del Mobile in Milan.

The work is a study of the four vital resources that animate and perpetrate living beings and organisms, Earth, Water, Sun & Oxygen, and how humans have the ability to transform them into energy.
The installation is centered around the desire to seize these resources in order to satisfy our appetite. Eating is living; receiving other life to allow for our own.

Hydration is vital for survival. The human body is over 50% water. The water scale installation is a study of water content in food, starting from oil which has no water, all the way up to melon, which is over 80% water. We encouraged visitors to start with the oil and work their way through the table in order to experience the build up of water on their tongue.
Food items: Abbazia San martino olive oil / Sunflower crackers / Salt baked potato / White pickled anchovies / Bagoss cheese / Honeycomb / Radish / Melon

Supporting local food systems means less energy emissions and food miles are associated with our food. Within the earth installation one could find mushrooms sourced from the Milan area which are grown on site using a sprouting system. A salad was offered making people scoop the “soil” mixture of brown rice, quinoa, and wild rice. Next adding the mushroom on top and season. Finishing the dish by garnishing with oxygen at the next station.

Oxygenating the body allows for healthy blood flow that reduces fatigue and stress. Certain foods with high levels of iron encourage good circulation. Alfalfa sprouts are packed with enzymes that help keep the body’s hormonal balance. They also raise blood oxygen levels. The motion of this installation was to cut sprouts and sprinkle on your earth bowl.

Using sunlight therapy dates back to the ancient Greeks. Sun bathing supplies us with large quantities of vitamin D. We are making a whole generation vitamin D deficient with fear of the sun. Inspired by hue of the sun, and its warmth, the “fruit leathers” are an example of how the sun can be used to dehydrate leftover for preservation, thus avoiding waste. Visitors were encouraged to cut a piece of the sweet fruit leather and drink a glass of sunny tonic, which consists of turmeric, ginger and lemon juice.

Project in collaboration with Pepi de Boissieu
Production: EWT